Mount Saramati

Standing at an altitude of 3841 m, Saramati is the highest peak in the state of Nagaland and occupies a place of pride in the heart of its residents. This peak is located on the Nagaland-Myanmar border and the closest village to the base of this peak is Thanamir in Kiphire district of Nagaland, close to 35 km from the village of Pungro. The trek to the peak is a two-day process and starts from the village of Thanamir, where a guide is provided along with the registration fee. There is a regular Nagaland state transport bus from Dimapur to Kiphire which runs once in 24 hours and is a long overnight journey of close to 12-14 hours. From Kiphire, shared cabs are available to Pungro which is another 50 km away. State guest houses and circuit houses are available for accommodation in these areas with a lot of military presence in and around since the peak lies on the border between Nagaland and Myanmar (formerly Burma). The peak remains snow-capped throughout the winter and gradually melts and flows into the Likimro River.