Kabir Chabutra

Located 5 km from Amarkantak, on the way to Bilaspur, Kabir Chabutra is believed by many to be the place that Saint Kabir achieved enlightenment and deliverance. It has since become a revered site for pilgrims from around the world. Kabir Chabutra is also hugely important for pilgrims as it is known to be the site where Saint Kabir and Lord Guru Nanak met and pondered on how to lead better lives.

The chabutra is a small water body, where every morning between 9 am and 10 am, tourists can see white smoke screen spreading over the water. The site is defined by a large banyan tree which is believed to be where Saint Kabir would practice his meditations and also includes a small hut where it was believed that he resided. Located a short distance away from Kabir Chabutra is trekking trail that is quite popular amongst locals and tourists alike as well.